Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I must, I must, I must delay gratification

This weight loss journey is not for sissies.

I've been doing relatively well (I'm always cautious about sounding too optimistic just in case the scale doesn't agree) this week. Of course, D and I had our date night on Friday. Went out for a lovely Indian meal. I tried to eat healthily by focusing on my salad first and then trying to estimate what a "normal" portion would be.

I have no excuses for Saturday. After church, I decided that I needed a Wimpy or Milky Lane coffee (I don't drink any other coffees besides theirs). Of course, we didn't end there. We also had savoury waffles and a fight with the waitress.

There was a big promotional poster saying free coffee with every savoury waffle, and of course, they billed us for both the waffles and the coffees. Long story short, manager was called and we paid for what they advertised.

The food diary works well when I remember to write in it... of course, it didn't help that I baked some muffins on Sunday. The good news is I limited myself to only one. But the gorgeous smell of baking? All I can say is yummmmmmmmmm.

I am clearly learning some self-control.

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels, nothing tastes as good as thin feels...

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