Monday, August 14, 2006

welcome...and all that jazz

I'm starting this blog to be totally anonymous.

How weird is that? Anonymous but all over the internet. Call me crazy. The thing is I have some business blogs out there already and I find that I have to edit what I want to say so I don't have true freedom of speech :)

I think the difference is that this time around I won't post my full name or picture and I won't link to the other blogs.

My word but how I struggled to find a blogger name that wasn't already used. I went through almost all the words that describe me... and still nothing.

I almost went for leighloveslife but didn't want to sound too upbeat because the truth is that it's not always rosy, is it?

Eventually I decided on leighloveslists because I really do love lists and the name was available. Big plus!

Anyway, busy working on my 100 things list so will post that soon

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