Monday, September 25, 2006

He said, she said

Overheard in a shoe store…

She Do you like these? (modelling a pair of espadrilles)

He No

She Why? What's wrong with them?

He I don't know. I just don't like them.

I wanted to tell her that they actually looked very nice.

What's more important is this:
She clearly loves and wants the shoes. What does it matter if he doesn't like it?!


  1. Good point. Men could care less what is on our feet. Sometimes, you just got to not bother even asking.

  2. I got that very same reaction when I asked his opinion on some platform sneakers I was trying on.

    Unfortunately I didn't listen to him.

  3. Christina - that's for sure

    SPM - good for you

    Fortunately (for him) my husband thinks all shoes look cute on my feet because I have tiny feet (South African 3) as I'm only 1.58m tall :)


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