Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I forgot about the car!!!

Oh.My.Word - glancing back over previous posts, I realise that I forgot to tell about my new car!

So I took my car to the dealer who was buying it from me on Thursday 21st. It was a very sad moment - I love that little red car (VW Citi Golf) - so I asked the guy to take a last picture of me in the car. To be honest, I think I was behaving strangely because he gave me a really weird look.

Anyway, they deposited the cheque early the next morning so all was fine on that front. I borrowed some money from the bank (as little as I could get away with because I hate, hate, hate debt) so had to wait for this money to be paid before I could collect the car.

The whole Friday I was on the phone to the bank about probably 10 times in total trying to get them to hurry up and pay (and isn't it strange that they promised that their money would be in first and they were last).

It was stress stress stress because I'd organised a lift to the dealer based on timelines promised and nothing was happening. Normally I would have been a lot more relaxed about it except that it was a long weekend and I wanted a car (I am fiercely independent and don't want to share D's car). Eventually I got on the phone yet again and explained to the nice people at the bank to please put me out of my misery if they were not going to come through in time because I am not going all the way through to collect my car and they turn me away because you haven't paid.

I don't know what did it but that girl got her act into gear. She phoned up managers all over the place and got them to email through a release on the car.

So I collected the dirtiest car in the world. At least it drove beautifully. And it still is.


  1. congratulations on your new car!!! that's exciting :)
    why did you get rid of your vw?

  2. Oh many reasons.

    My sister works at GM so it was a leased vehicle at a really good price (I saved about R10 - 12 000 - that's about US$1 333 - 1600). Doesn't seem like a lot in US now but it is a lot in ZAR.
    I was planning to get a sexy black number early next year - plans just brought forward a few months.
    The brakes squeal on the VW and it's a thing with the Citi Golf because nobody can fix it - believe me, I've tried.

    But I loved that red car. Maybe because it was the first car that was totally mine - I made the decision, it was brand spanking new when I got it and I didn't settle for anything less than BRIGHT RED.

    When's the baby due?

  3. Congrats to you on the new car purchase! I, too, took pictures with my old car when I had to sell it. It's always so bittersweet to get rid of a beloved vehicle.


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