Monday, October 16, 2006

A little pregnant

I received an email on Thursday last week titled Good News.

I immediately knew what it was. Oh and it was from my sister (5 years younger than I am).

Yes, she's pregnant - 7 weeks - and not really telling anybody except family until they've passed the 12-week mark. They've been trying for about 18 months to fall pregnant so it seems it runs in the family although my mother had no problem falling pregnant with the 3 of us.

A friend asked me how I felt when I heard and the truth is - I only felt pure joy. No jealousy - nothing. I must be maturing LOL. Seriously though - I am really really happy for my sister.

I even went out on Friday night to buy her a gift. I decided on a beautiful pregnancy journal by Tracey Clark. They only had a soiled one in the store and since it has a pale yellow cover I didn't want that one. Turns out that was the only one in the whole of South Africa. Can you believe it?! They went online for me and checked. The good thing was he found me the ISBN number so I'll order it online.

So how about that?!

Then, in other pregnancy news. I stumbled upon an infertility blog two weeks ago. I sent the link to my friend who went out immediately and bought So Close, Tertia Albertyn's book. She then emailed me because the book was so good, etc. and I had to drive over to her work to get it from her.

I read it on Saturday and it was SOOOO inspirational. Lots of parts were very, very sad - I cried like a baby - but it is very good. That woman has been through so much - 9 IVF treatments but at least she now has two gorgeous babies.


  1. congratulations to your sister, and good for you not being jealous. i know that can be bittersweet news sometimes, even if it is somebody you really love.

    i didn't realize you lived in south africa. how long have you been there?

  2. Thanks, Mindi.

    When my friend's sister fell pregnant (literally a month after coming off the pill after 8 years), she was devastated!

    I've been in South Africa my whole life thus far LOL

    I was born in Port Elizabeth (coastal city), moved to Grahamstown (small university town) for a year and then to Jhb in '93 when I was 19.

    I see that you move quite a bit - you definitely deserve a medal! I find moving house so stressful (probably because we have move stuff every time)


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