Monday, December 04, 2006

In the zone - updated!

I had the most wonderful hip-hop dance class tonight.

It also helped that last week was a complete shocker - teenagers messing around and laughing at the back of the class annoyed me to no end. The teacher is also a people pleaser who would not give them words! And I was not irritated enough to fight with people. Darn - hate it when that happens.

I was right on target - my moves in time to the music. Could remember things and actually add some style compared to the usual fumble around just to get the feet right and only "get it" in the last 10 minutes. This time I was in the zone right from the beginnning. Nice.

I have been feeling like I could take or leave this class the last couple of weeks. I am a dancer so I usually don't have problems with 2 left feet but it's this hip-hop thing.

The jerky arms, and legs that go the same way as arms instead of opposite arm to leg like with most dance styles I'm used to.

Then I start thinking maybe I'm too old for these new-fangled dances (and that word is a sign for sure that I'm getting too old for this rubbish).
Does this happen to anybody else?

Anyway, it was lovely to actually know what I'm doing again and most of all, to thoroughly enjoy it.

Updated to add
The exact same thing happened in my salsa dancing class on Wed. I was on!
I thought about it and it could also possibly be due to the fact that I'm only having half my supper before so that I don't feel as sluggish.

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