Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bad computer karma

Hi everybody

Happy New Year!!!!

My prayer for all of you is health, wealth and happiness this year. And, of course, a baby for me and for Boho!

I've had a nice blogging break. Totally unasked-for, by the way.

On Monday 18th Dec, I tried logging on and my computer logged right back off.

We took it in and it turns out there was a virus. And after MANY days, we got feedback that they were not able to recover any programmes but would be able to save all files. Not!

Well, we only got it back on the 29th!!!!! I immediately noticed that lots of pictures were missing. And my entire contacts in Outlook was missing and all the emails in the Inbox, Sent Items and individual folders.

Not too serious, I thought, because most of the pertinent information I have on my flash drive.

But here's when I know I have really bad karma (and I don't even believe in this stuff)...

An entire folder on my flash drive is missing. One day there, the next missing. It really is a mystery to me.

This folder had basically everything in it. You see, I do email maintenance about twice a year and as I sort out folders, I put them in a big one called Folders already sorted out (just to be nice and clear). And I was nearly done - thank God I'm a bit of a procrastinator because my Work to do and Website folders were not done yet, and are therefore still on the disc.

Yes, so the whole thing is gone. My customer contact details were in there, together with client coaching details and my Good ideas folder. Thank goodness I have a really good memory so I can remember lots of email addresses offhand.

So, guess who'll be working hard this week???

Sorry for the long, rambly nature of this post. I just had to get it out.

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