Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ever get the feeling you're going nuts?

yesterday i requested a report from IT. They send me an email today saying i can find what I'm looking for on a specific place on the system. i battle the whole day to get into said system. Finally I get in, see that the information is not there in the way i want it so i phone them.

he tells me my request wasn't specific enough. really now? that's the way i always send them through. no, you don't. yes, I do. Oh and why aren't you copying me on your requests? I'm supposed to copy you? you know that and you always used to. no, i didn't.

oooh, it makes my blood boil when people talk down to me.

and when they act like they know it all. i am not losing my mind and i know full well i haven't been copying him but for the sake of peace (and wanting my report!), i just shut up!

i feel a lot better getting that all out. and not worrying about punctuation LOL

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