Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How to get your boss to respond to your emails

Send him an email and tell him the legal guy who does all your work has resigned.

A response just a few seconds later is guaranteed – trust me!

It is going to get interesting around here after the end of the month. My company takes their own sweet time to re-employ and it took us 3 months before they hired him last time around.

And in other work news, I clicked onto a blog yesterday and what do I see?

Huge security warnings.

We now have quotas on reading anything in the category “newsgroups/ blogs”.

I suppose I should be grateful that I still get limited access (30 minutes a day). But it’s annoying – everytime you get a message saying x minutes used, so many remaining.

However I don’t want to push the envelope as I’ve had two security warnings already, one for too many hits in the day and the other for sending out a big mail attachment to lots of friends :o

So what does that mean? I’m too scared to read all your blogs in case I get busted. So it’ll have to be a quick squiz around once I’ve done my own blogging.

I have dial-up at home so it literally takes me hours to do anything. I need to get fast access!!!

On the bright side, I'm really doing exceptionally well at work now as I have no choice but to actually work : o )

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