Friday, January 26, 2007

The results are in

On Friday last week, D went for a sperm test to see whether anything had changed.

This is, of course, after the first two sperm tests where test 1 said the count and motility were fine, test 2 said only the motility was fine and so you can see why I wanted another test.

The doctor said that if the count and motility was fine this time, then we could try AI.

Anyway, I get a voicemail on my phone yesterday from the nurse to say the results are in and can we please phone her. And oh, by the way, she loves my voicemail. (I have something like this at the end - "and remember, small changes, compounded over time, produce huge results. So take action today")

We didn't phone her (he can't talk from work and I was HECTICALLY busy - I mean, 8 meetings in 1 day is just crazy AND THEN I had a coaching appointment after work, so I was finished!) so she phoned us at home this morning.

Okay, I'll put you out of your suspense. The results are better than test 2 but not good enough so looks like we have to go for IVF if we're going to go that route.

I was remarkably calm when D told me. Or maybe it hadn't fully hit me yet.

So this weekend we have serious discussions!


  1. I'm wishing you luck. And 8 meetings in one day? I'm tired just thinking about it.

  2. We have infertility issues as well. WE havent talked AI or IF because of the stress. We are going the international adoption route first.Our blog is

    I look forward to reading past posts on your blog..Congrats on your weight loss!


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