Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 7 - some of my goals for 2007

Did you set any goals for this year? Or resolutions? Or intentions? Or focus areas?

Here are 13 of my goals, in no particular order...

1. Grow closer to God this year. I have let the baby thing come between us and I actually miss being close to God, so this year I'm getting my act together.

2. Continue to have a harmonious, peaceful, loving relationship with my husband. We are both stubborn and want to be right, so that's why harmonious because sometimes we forget that we want to be happy and just focus on the being right part. LOL

3. Take a 4 - day cruise (at least - I wouldn't mind a longer one) to the Portuguese islands for New Year's next year.

4. Do at least 5 hours of quality work every day before blogging/ messing around with personal emails, etc. Am I alone here???

5. Get to my goal weigh - that means I have to lose another 3 kg. So close but so far...

6. Increase my exercise - I currently do two dance classes every week (hip hop and salsa) and I need to add a body conditioning/ toning type of class 'cos I don't want flabby arms...

7. Sign up at least 2 new coaching clients every month for a 3-month period, but overall the goal is to coach 50 clients this year (I understand that there will be those who just want a laser coaching session).

8. Get more media exposure by getting articles published online and in print magazines. Also, I'm not limiting God - TV and radio segments would also be good. A new client emailed to ask me if I'd been on a talk show and I said, "not yet, but that's one of my goals" LOL

9. Ministry-wise, I'd like to help at least 15 people to discover their passion and run at least one Consultants Course.

10. Meet up with at least 2 friends for a lunch or supper social on a monthly basis - whether girlfriends or couple friends.

11. Attend 4 networking events and 2 workshops for my own personal development.

12. Read 7 books every month. How am I going to do this? Read at least 10 non-fiction pages every day. On the weekends, I indulge in my beloved fiction totally for hours so that is not the problem...

13. And last but most definitely not least, I would love it if we could have a baby this year. So please pray with me, Internet!

Post some of your goals in the comments - I'm insanely curious!


  1. Good list!
    Have a wonderful Thursday!
    My TT is posted

  2. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Happy TT! Mine's up, too.

    Great list of goals! Some of mine are to query agents for my recently completed novel, complete a new novel, get back on the exercise wagon (I fell off in November, LOL!), and try to eat healthier this year.

    Good luck with your goals, and Happy New Year!

  3. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Good luck reaching your goals! I don't make resolutions or set goals for the full year. I prefer to set myself goals throughout the year. I hope that #13 happens for you!

    Happy TT. :)

  4. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Wonderful list, I hope you'll raech all of your goals. My resolutions are in my TT from last week. This week it's about the year 2007.

  5. I waste too much time on the computer so I try to set a schedule. (ie - at 10am I will do the laundry and then clean the kitchen etc) And when I'm finished with my tasks, I get to play online. Don't always stick to it though.

    My 13 are up.

  6. I posted my goals for this year (not a TT list, but a list nonetheless). Check 'em out at
    Great list, btw!!

  7. Oh, and I'm praying that you will be blessed with a baby this year!!


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