Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9 - some of my passions/ obsessions

I used to think that my passions/ obsessions were normal until I found out that not many people have the same excitement about these things.

1. Handbags – this is a severe sickness. I admit it and that’s that. But people, I hear them calling out to me “buy me, buy me”

My latest buy

2. Wallets – this has to a certain degree stopped since I found my most recent one in October. I love, love. Love it and everywhere I go, people comment on my gorgeous wallet.

3. Watches – bad one. We had a burglary about 18 months ago and all 13 were stolen except the one I was wearing to work (obviously LOL). I since started again and I have about 8 to 10. Too scared to start counting…

4. Slops – this is a new one. A certain local department store just kept bringing out such comfortable and lovely slops and I kept buying and buying. Bad, I know.

5. Mugs – I’m getting better with this one too. Now I buy to give away. Lots of my friends get 4 – 6 mugs for gifts. I can’t resist buying pretty ones!

6. Notebooks – I was really into spiral-bound ones until I discovered some new ones with the satin bookmark inside and an envelope at the back to hold loose papers. They came in pink, lilac and mint-green so I bought a couple of each. Still on my pink one at the moment. And they’re so cute – small enough to keep in your handbag.

7. Pens – ooh, gel pens, normal pens, they’re all delicious. Only prerequisite is they must be medium point.

8. Diaries/ planners – I buy about 2 to 3 every year while I’m deciding which one I like best. Then I give the others away as Christmas gifts.

9. To-do lists and other organizing tools – I am a total sucker for good forms. I make my own too and I recently packaged my household forms into a downloadable file for sale on my web. Contact me if you want to buy it.

10. Bookmarks – the good thing here is that I go through them regularly. And this is another thing – if I see a nice one, I’ll buy it and give it to someone when I buy them a book as a gift.

11. Books – enough said. I had to clean out my bookshelf and get rid of about two bags to make space for those acquired over December!

12. Cleaning products, especially new ones on the market. My husband says I’m a marketer’s dream because I’ll try anything once.

13. Keyrings – I have such a big collection that I have two on each of my house and car sets, and I now use them on the handbag zips too.

And those are some of my passions. Am I weird?

What are yours?

P.S. My toolbar is missing so I can't post pictures of my wallet or cute notebook. Anybody know how to fix it?

Update - looks like the toolbar only disappears at work. I'm going to try clearing my browser there. But as you can see the pictures are up.


  1. Reading your list I realize how good it is to live compact living as we do now, in a small apartment. We don't have room for all this things!

    I had that Pen passion earlier. OH, I'm sure I've had several thousands of pen's by now and most of them were worned out too...

    Instead we have 2 big passions - each other (obvious ;-) and travelling! there we can speak about hot passion! *lol*

    (Except for this year. Last year we were away from home for over 5 months of the year!)

  2. I don't have my blog on blogger and have no idea it's correct, but I read somewhere that someone else lost the toolbar because her browser cache were full, so maybe you should try to clear that and see if it helps?

  3. Anonymous7:58 pm

    No help about the toolbar, but you have some VERY good collections going, there. I, too, collect pens, bookmarks, books. I'd love to collect keychains but haven't found any I love enough to buy (bummer. I need a new one).

    A really good way to keep the book collection always fresh is book trading sites like BookMooch and PaperBackSwap. Holler if you'd like some info about either; it's a sick obsession, but a good one!

    Happy TT a day late...

  4. Hey ... just out getting caught up on the T13's. Actually ... i can relate to several of your obsessions. I love pens. Love bookmarks. Love love books.

    My T13 is about my favorite free computer programs


  5. I love your list. I'm with ya on the handbags, pens, and watches. If I had more money, I'd buy more. I love watches that look like bangle bracelets. I refuse to count how many I have lol.

    My TT is up also on why I hate being a middle child.

  6. Thanks for stopping by, everybody!

    Susan, I have a rule that helps me keep everything in check. If I don't love the book, it goes to a second hand bookstore or to a friend.

    The stuff I read for my business on time management/ goal-setting/ organising I do the same with. You know how some things are just so-so, no great shakes??? Those go too. I've now started to give those to my coaching clients.

    marillanne - ooh great, I'm on my way over. Just downloaded pdf995 yesterday.

  7. Anonymous12:37 pm

    I would love to get into handbags and I am sure hubby wouldnt mind either. Perhaps I wouldnt lose so much stuff. I would love to figure out something to collect or something to have a passion about


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