Sunday, February 04, 2007

My name is Leigh and I’m a type A

I’m annoyed. My salsa dance teacher is still away. We know that she got married and she is apparently still on honeymoon.

So in her place is a belly dance class. I went for two weeks and that was about all I could stand. Belly dancing is too boring for me. I’m the type of gal who needs lots of action and stuff going on in any exercise class.

This is also why yoga and pilates just don’t do it for me. I went to one yoga and one pilates class in my life and both times I nearly fell asleep – it was so boring.

I read recently on a blog (I think it was petroville) about Type A exercises. And my word, I think that’s me. Some of the characteristics I remember are..
1. Likes to be in the front in class
2. Gets annoyed when someone takes “your place”
3. Are competitive in class!

This is all me!

Anyway, this is messing up my health and fitness plans!!! My goal this year is to increase my exercise from 2 to 3 hours a week. So the sooner the salsa dance teacher gets back the better.


  1. do you love your salsa classes? we've always wanted to take one and have yet to sign up!

  2. I LOVE my salsa classes. I LIVE for them.

    But I do it on my own. We're a bunch of girls/ women and there are 2 men (max) in the class at any one time.

    Go do it - you won't regret it.

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