Thursday, February 15, 2007

Recent happenings

Some weird/ funny things have happened lately:

The other day I was driving to the gym and as I was approaching the 4-way stop, I noticed a male driver at the approaching stop street directing the traffic.

Now people in this city never know who goes first because nobody concentrates and I have always wanted to do it but you’ll admit that it is a bit bossy. But here’s this guy saying “you go, and then you go", and so on, until it was his turn.

I burst out laughing because I love it when I see other weirdos out there.

Jobs 1
One of my corporate clients sent an email to me and some other people telling us about a job (really good one) and asking us if we knew of anyone who fitted the bill.

My take on this is that she wanted to ask us to apply but didn’t want to be seen as “stealing us” from our current companies.

So I thought about it for a day and then emailed to tell her that I’d like to apply. I updated my CV and sent it in. Now, not to brag or anything, but I have a really good CV – one which always invites at least a spark of interest. I also have my photo on there which I think is good marketing for me. (Of course, if I looked like you, Becky, I’d definitely get invited to interview straight away. LOL )

No news yet since Monday when I sent it but that’s fine. I actually feel quite honoured that she was so excited to get my CV.

Jobs 2
Then in other news, I get the weirdest voice mail on my phone today. Someone from a recruitment agency…however I’ve never dealt with them before…they have the perfect position for me.

Curiosity more than anything else made me phone him back.

It’s an admin management position, the likes of which I am really good at. The upper level their client gave him is below what I’m currently earning and I’m not moving unless it’s a REALLY good offer because we’re also on incentive bonuses here and I got a really good bonus last year, so I’m not about to be flighty just yet.

But still, nice to know that I’m wanted.

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