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Thursday Thirteen #11 - personal blogs I love reading...and why

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Thursday Thirteen – personal blogs I love reading

I browsed on over to those Share the Love awards earlier this week. While I’m not into all these bloggy popularity contests, I did feel bad that I didn’t wake-up quickly enough to nominate some of my favourite blogs, hence this post. (Did I just say hence? Slap me, someone)

Sweatpantsmom is one of the coolest moms around. To me, she appears to have it all together. She’s secure enough in her own skin to be exactly who she is and that impresses me to no end. What a great example to her two daughters! She’s funny and nice and a great writer and a great mom, and she loves coffee. Someone after my own heart!

Becky’s blog
I love Becky’s personality and of course, her cute daughter too. Becky is the type of person I’d be friends with in real life. She cares about people so much, loves her family and is an all-round stunning person! She also loves taking tons of photos – nothing wrong with that when you’re as beautiful as she is!

The simple life which I think has now moved to Mindi Bartell Photography
Mindi has the three cutest kids in the world – her youngest was just born in Dec, I think. She is a wonderful mom. You can see by the way she tells stories of her kids that she’s a fun mom and of course, a hugely talented photographer. I would love for her to take pictures of me because I’m sure then they would actually look decent! LOL

Antique Mommy
This is my new favourite blog. I love her writing so much and she is LOL funny. I picked her up from the Org Junkie’s blogroll so I’m a new reader but I haven’t read anything I don’t like. Now, due to the weird person I am, I’m busy trawling through her archives. Her story of why she is an antique mommy made me think so much – if anyone is trying to have a baby, go and read it under The Best of Antique Mommy. And remember lines in the sand, okay?

So close
This is Tertia’s infertility blog. I picked it up from a newsletter that I got sent and the other day when I read it, I see that she is the 3rd most popular South African website. Wow!!! I was hooked on this blog for weeks on end as I went through her archives where she speaks so honestly about infertility. An inspiration as the twins she now has is the result of her…wait for this…9th IVF treatment.

She is one of the first blogs I started reading because she writes so darn well. I must admit I don’t check on her feeds first these days because it sometimes feels like there’s too much social commentary. And I read blogs to relax, to be quite honest. She has a gorgeous daughter (and is pregnant with number 2) and if you don’t know her, go read her post Born Smiling, an ode to her daughter, and I still think one of the best things I have read in a blog post.

I discovered Metrodad from Mom-101’s blogroll and I haven’t looked back. He is SOOOO funny and that daughter of his is just too precious. I love the way he is besotted with his wife and daughter. It’s also so nice to read about New York City, one of my favourite cities in the world. I am addicted to all things New York – there’s something else you didn’t know about me.

Bohemian Girl
I picked up this blog from Superhero journal. And obviously since we both want to have babies, I love reading her blog because it so often echoes exactly what I’m feeling but sometimes can’t find the words for. She’s hugely artistic (and I’m SO not!) which is very very interesting to me but obviously worlds apart. I mean, for goodness sake, I studied science!

Austin to Africa, Brasil to the Bay
Ali is an American now living in Mozambique. Her take on things African is fascinating – some days they don’t have water, then the next they’re living it up eating gorgeous food in a swanky seafood restaurant. I love the way she describes all her experiences of Africa. She is a writer and also a jewellery designer and is another blogger who loves taking pictures.

I’m an organizing junkie
Okay, now here’s a kindred spirit. She is so funny in the way she celebrates her uniqueness. She loves organizing and has lots of really good ideas which she shares so freely with others. I think she was nominated for Inspiring blog in those blog award thingies. Go on over and be prepared for those educational organizing pictures. Oh, she also hosts Menu Plan Monday.

Rocks in my dryer
This is the home of Works for me Wednesday. Wow – if you’ve never been there before, you will spend hours going through all of the great tips the participants leave every week. I see that Shannon also won stacks of those Share the Love things last year so looks like I’m late to the party as usual. I found this blog through the Org Junkie too (she’s got lots of good blogs on her blogroll)

Blah Blah Blog
I think I found Carrie’s blog through some scrapbooking blogs when I was surfing one day. And the reason I keep coming back is because her life seems so idyllic and perfect – 3 perfect kids, a beautiful home, nice husband, suburbia, nice neighbours, etc. For me, it is like something out of the movies (in a good way). She is into organizing, cooking and photography too so always has some good ideas on her blog.

Suburban Turmoil
Lindsay is a journalist in Nashville. Another pregnant blogger at the moment. I must confess that I read this one for humour and a bit of controversy. She writes some provocative posts but the comments are what you really must read!

And that’s all for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed this stroll though blogland with me.


  1. I bookmarked Metrodad - I'm a NYCer too.
    The blog titles are all pretty cool.
    Can't wait to visit Rocks in the Dryer.
    Take care

  2. yay for mom-101! she's awesome. :) i also love her bad mother and mocha momma. great list!

  3. Oh, I love many of those blogs! I love AM! Have you read It coulda been worse? She's the bestest! read her perfect gift post, hehe.

  4. What a great list! I'm so excited to learn about new blogs - interested in looking more at the Africa one - how exotic!


    Amy :)

  5. JEM - I'm going on over there now to visit you. I can't resist NYC!!!

    Lara - I've read bits and pieces of those blogs before but somehow they didn't grab me.

    Qtpies - I'll go check out that blog now.

    Amy - you'll love Ali's blog, especially the earlier posts when she first arrived in Africa in 2005.

  6. awww thank you so much for listing me on here! that was so sweet what you said about me too. totally flattering and i just told my husband about it! thank you!

  7. you're so sweet :) thanks for the great links!

  8. Thank you Leigh! You have made my day.

    I have to say that never in a million years would I think of putting myself in the same sentence as the words "cool" and "together."

    Thank God this isn't a video conference.

  9. What a lovely surprise! You obviously have been reading my blog, and I just found you randomly through a technorati link. Thank you for the sweet recommendation. I can't wait to read some of your archives.

  10. CarrieB9:01 pm

    Oh made me cry! "Ideal life"?????? Ha! You are so very sweet to say that and I appreciate your kindness and support. I heavily censor my writing because my mother-in-law, my mom and my husband's family all read almost daily. I kind of have to keep my posts about butterflies and bubblegum because I don't want to give my family any fodder.

    Maybe I'll start a second, more anonymous blog so I can share the REAL stuff!

    Thanks so much for your kind words and for reading! I need to spend some time here. It looks like you have a really nice blog.


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