Friday, September 28, 2007

Support group 2 - Sept

When I was checking to see if the previous post looked okay, I realised that I didn't tell you about the second one.

Well, it was on 3 September already! *shock*

We were a smaller group than last time and because I knew most of those people from last time, I was a lot more comfortable.

Even when I got the questions!

Because the fact is, we're believing God to heal us and having sex. That's it!

For most people, this means we're doing nothing. But I've gotten okay with that. I have realised that every situation is different and so is every couple. And I just don't feel okay with IVF right now. I don't disagree with it; I just don't think it's for us. I don't know if it ever will be.

And this time, there was a lady who was similar to me. She said she knew she could never go through with IVF and just decided to forget about the whole baby thing (due to personal reasons - someone close to her got very sick). Four years later, she was pregnant and now has a gorgeous son.

So I felt like I wasn't that weird.

The other day I read on Boho's blog about how she found the medical experience after her laparoscopy for endometriosis so cold. And so one-sided in that they almost force you to just go for heavy-duty IVF while you're still reeling from the shock of the whole thing.

Of course, I relate so well.

She got lots of support in the comments and fortunately, she's very strong so I know she'll stand up for what she believes is right for her body and family.

Next group will be first week in October and I've told my friend I'll go again.


  1. im so glad youre feeling better about talking about it and that youre still going to your support group. i enjoy reading your blog and reading about your faith. recently we tried to get pregnant for 5 mos and after not being successful, we're on a break from trying. i know 5 mos is nothing when people try for years but it gave me a taste of how disappointing it can really be. i'm glad youre in better spirits though...i have faith you'll be pregnant soon!

  2. I fully understand that feeling. Honey and I have issues. I went on clomid to try and have our first child. Then he was diagnosed with an issue and they suggested an IUI. I wasn't too sure about it but had an IUI anyway. It felt all sorts of wrong for me. And then it didn't work.
    Since I wasn't sure if any help other than medication was right for me we decided to take a break. You know what's coming next. After 3 years of trying I got pregnant with my Princess with no help at all.

    Now we are trying to produce a sibling for her all on our own. You have to do what feels right for you whether that is during conception, birthing, parenting.

  3. I came across your blog though one of the comments you left on another. I do not know first hand about infertility, but I am learning a lot about the relationship the foods we eat have to the hormone production in our bodies. May I suggest that you look into Dr. Mark Hyman's book called UltraWellness?

    I know there are many factors involved in the way our bodies create the right environment for our own health and that of reproduction. If he doesn't help you, there are many natural remedies out there that will not only help with the fertility issues, but also with your own health. I also know that it is God's will that we procreate, and He is not one to say yes to one and no to another. Believe His word and He will be true. Often despite knowing what His plan is, we doubt it for us personally.

    I hope this is helpful, and that you don't think I am being bossy or nosy. I truly do believe in the whole foods lifestyle and the difference it can make, and because it does make such a difference in so many health issues, I try to encourage people to look into that avenue before doing anything drastic that will alter other bodily systems. I will pray for you!

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