Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another one of those!

A girl here at work is pregnant. Three months.

Lovely person - only 25/26 - her second. Her first-born is the MOST GORGEOUS CHILD ever. He is ultra-friendly and loves hugging everybody.

I asked her if they were trying (because we are friendly with one another) and she said yes.

"The first month nothing happened and then the second month I was pregnant"

Oh the joys!

It sucks. It really does. I'm happy for them but it freaks me out that mostly everybody can get pregnant at the drop of a hat!


  1. Oy! I know exactly what you are saying. It seems that everywhere I turn there is another beautiful pregnant belly.

  2. except for me. i got preg easy the 1st time..the second time...forget it. i've given up for a while

  3. They're stalking you too, are they? We went "Last Day of The Year" shopping today and everywhere I turned I was bumping into another belly. It's enough to make any infertile murderous. I was seated beside a preggy person yesterday at a function and I was spewing forth venom by the end of the function... And we're not even "trying" anymore. If that's even possible. Too many years spent counting days. It's hard to stop though... much harder than I ever thought possible. Maybe one day I won't be disappointed so badly anymore though. Surely it must get easier some time?


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