Monday, December 31, 2007

7 random things to end off 2007

Wanttobeamom tagged me for this meme. I haven't been tagged on this blog before so this is fun, fun, fun!

1. I love baking muffins – not cakes or anything else, just muffins. I also only bake drop cookies, not the ones you have to roll out and use the different shapes ;)

2. I am great at interviews – I have always been offered a job once I get to the interview stage.

3. One of my BIG goals is to work in another country for a year.

4. I don’t read infertility blogs very often because they depress me. Strange because I know that if I allowed myself to dwell on the 10% I’d sound exactly the same.

5. I love traveling to other countries but not for the usual reasons like seeing the sights and so on. I love talking to the people and seeing how they live. One of my favourite things to do is to talk to fellow tourists on guided tours. I remember once we went to Australia and because my husband’s not very friendly, we hadn’t been very sociable with people we met until the guided tour on Great Ocean Road outside Melbourne. Then I broke loose and had SUCH fun with people from Germany, Ireland, all over the place.

6. I love cleaning my toilet – I am very fussy with germs partly because I studied Microbiology so I know how quickly those suckers multiply.

7. I grew up in a city with a beach and I can’t swim!

I'm tagging Becky and Char


  1. Hi Leigh c",)
    I'm so glad you "introduced yourself" and tagged me for this one... I love meeting new people online(only since I've been blogging) and I'll definitely be back to read your blog again. It's especially nice to meet a fellow endo sufferer - those of us who know are the only ones who know, if you know what I mean! c",) Pardon my terrible English - I'm on holiday, and my brains go on hiatus too every so often. I might not blog today, but I'll definitely log on tomorrow and participate in your meme.
    Nice meeting you!
    Cue the Arnold Schwarzenegar Voiceover: "I'll be back"!!!
    (Apparently the holidays also make me very corny!)
    Cheerio then!

  2. aw man i read this too late! but i'm the same way about my toilet too!


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