Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The operation

Well, the anaethetist and the doctors came by to check on all of us (3 of us to be operated on by my doctor) and the order of the ops was decided.

I was going to be last because mine was the longest op - they were estimating 3 - 5 hours!

My two previous laparoscopies were 3 hours each and this one was a bigger deal. They had to cut me open (like a Caesar cut), cut a portion of my uterus and then sew me back up.

Both the doctor/ surgeon and the anaethetist suggested that they just do a spinal block. I said, "no thanks, I want to be knocked out cold and feel nothing". Despite them trying to persuade me (who on earth knows why?!) otherwise, I kept to my story (I can be very stubborn) and had general anaesthetic.

I was only wheeled to surgery around 5pm (from 12:30 when I arrived) so I was starving and anxious. In fact, the 2nd lady had returned and had woken up from anaesthetic, we'd had a nice long chat and then only did they fetch me.

Everything went well and when I woke, I was soooo whoozy that I actually told my husband to just go home because i wanted to sleep.

Well, the hospital night staff were so noisy that I could hardly sleep and then at around 3am when it finally quieted down, I fell asleep only to have adjoining rooms ringing for the nurses continually.

So I was awake - I sent DH a text message assuming he was asleep, only to get a phone call back so I knew I'd woken him! Eeeeeeek!

Anyway, the next morning, when my doctors did their rounds nice and early (just before 6am), I begged to go home because I said I couldn't rest there because of the noisy nurses.

After they removed the catheter, if I managed to pee okay, that was test 1. And then when I'd had some tea, I didn't vomit. So that was test 2 and thankfully, I was discharged!


I was sore and moved like an old lady but discharged!

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