Saturday, August 02, 2008


Discharge day at long last. Nothing but NOTHING would keep me from being discharged :)

I didn't sleep well because I kept feeling anxious about the stitches coming out (more later).

Dr G came nice and early at about 6:00 am, checked the wound and pronounced me fit to be discharged.

He also told the nurse to remove my stitches. Now all my previous ops were with my old doctor who only removed stitches one week after surgery. At that point they were nice and dry and I hardly felt when she took them out.

Except for last time's laparotomy. I swear I was feeling totally fine (well, it was a week later so compared to the first couple of days post-op) and then I went to have my stitches removed.

She placed her hand over the long cut, took one end of the cotton (or whatever they call it) and pulled. OH MY WORD - I have never felt pain like that. Even now, typing, I can still feel it.

Then I felt like I'd regressed. I was back on those pain meds for that day and about 3 days afterwards.

Anyway, so the night nurse had too much to do before her shift ended at 7 and she told the new nurse to take them out.

Before she did, I tried to take some pics and also asked the nurse to take some pics. If you're squeamish, close your browser now!

Disgusting, I know.

This nurse took SUCH a long time that I actually started wondering if the quick and painful wasn't better because this was LONG! Anyway, they were out and just to be sure, I took some pain tablets :)

Oh, by the way, just before Dr G left, he says, "phone the office on Monday to make your follow-up appointment, and let's get you pregnant"

YES! that put a smile on my face :)

So the physio came to do her thing (as usual I had no problems), they brought us breakfast, I phoned D to collect me and off I went home.

I so badly wanted to get out of there that I put on socks and shoes and my sweatshirt over my pajamas - I figured I'm getting right into bed once I get home so why waste time? :)

Everybody warned me that it was COLD outside and was. I love the cold so it felt SO GOOD to be outside with FRESH air touching my cheeks!

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  1. Wow - those are some very intense photos!

    Hope everything goes well - I'm reading the rest of your entries to catch up on your latest!


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