Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The quickest way

Well, we had my follow-up appointment today (my birthday, btw) and things went about as I expected.

Dr G repeated some of the information he told me after the surgery .

We got to see pictures of my insides (I had to disassociate because there is nothing more gross for a squeamish person like me than seeing things like that - ughh!) and had the entire explanation.

I had a whole list of questions ready, like...

  • when can we have sex?

  • can I go to gym? and the most important,

  • what is the quickest way to have a baby?

  • So the quickest way is to do IVF, with ICSI. Our sperm are not bad, but since we don't have money to waste, we're prepared to pay extra and do ICSI to make sure some of those eggs fertilise.

    Then the question, "when do you want to start".

    I said, "right now". So off to get scanned but my follicles had already started developing so we have to wait till the next period.

    At least there's a plan!

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