Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 4 - a bit of a wobble

Yesterday, we had a bit of a wobble because we couldn't remember how to mix the Luveris and the Gonal-F.

We messed a bit of the liquid and it was not very elegant like it has been up to now.

So I gave the nurse on duty a call and she explained how to do it differently this morning and today it all worked beautifully!

I actually studied Chemistry so all that's coming in useful with all the mixing!

Weird - the things we think of.

The next event happens on Saturday (day 7) when they check if things are happening as they're supposed to.

I'm still feeling very calm about the whole thing.

Amazingly, we're "rewarding ourselves" by going out to eat all the time - we both feel we deserve it. Me, for being a brave girl and DH for being a good Injector LOL :)

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  1. Leigh, All those medications can be so confusing, I have three different shots every night and 3 pills, I hope for both of us that time will make things less confusing but by then we will probably be done with those meds. Can wait to see how your next bloodwork and ultrasounds are, we are pretty close on the same schedule. I will be watching and thinking positive for both of us!


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