Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 7 scan

Just a quick update:

I had 7 follicles in the left ovary and 3 in the right. They are at 12mm (apparently they should grow at about 2mm per day) so the deed will happen this week!

It's so exciting!

Next scan - Monday for day 9 - and hopefully ovaries behaving perfectly :)


  1. Leigh, Good to hear that you are progressing well my RE didnt tell me the size of my follicles, maybe I should have asked! Sounds like you are moving along well, did your RE tell you what size your follicles needed to be before retreival? I will be watching for your next post on how things are going! Good Luck, sounds like your doing great!

  2. Sounds like things are going perfectly! I willl be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    We transfered in two embryos and froze six more. We had an unusually high number of embryos due to the OHSS, so that is how we ended up with so many! We are now just praying that this pregnancy stays around like it should, and then we will have the frozen ones for brothers or sisters!

  3. Oh Sarah, so happy that you got to freeze 6! Yip, those are this one's brothers or sisters :)


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