Friday, October 03, 2008

The power of one

Guess what?

Only 1 of those 6 fertilised properly even though they did ICSI on all of them.

Dr G phoned me to say, "since we only got 6, we did ICSI on all of them". So much for "it doesn't matter about the quantity, it's all about the quality of the eggs". But that's why we're with him, right? Because he's a straight shooter!

there is one that they're not sure about - tomorrow or next day will tell more. The rest are duds. Dr G says there might be a sperm quality problem.

I have been crying on and off for the last 2 hours; I am just praying for that one to develop properly and make it to Sunday, and then to implant. I have red, swollen eyes and if it wasn't for my two meetings later, I'd go home because I'm in no place to talk to people.

My DH said, "at least there's one" - oh my word, does he not know that your chances are better with more.

If you pray, please pray for my one little embryo...thanks :)


  1. Leigh I know this is so upsetting but keep your head up I will be praying for you and your embryo to both be strong!

  2. I am praying for you and me and all of us. Hopefully God will hear our prayers.

  3. I will be praying for the little guy! It only takes one, but I am sure that doesn't really help right now. I am sorry for the stress and for the bad news...


  4. Christi4:06 am

    Leigh, if I could crawl through this computer, I would hug you up so tightly! I'll be thinking about you all weekend and hoping for the very best. This IVF stuff is really HARD stuff. Try to keep your chin up and hopefully it helps knowing that we're all crossing our fingers as tightly as we can for you.

    It's amazing how much difference one person can make, and I think it only takes one embie to make a difference, too! :)

  5. Christi4:13 am

    P.S. Leigh, I've been trying to email you, but I don't think it's working. Here's my email address so you can try to reach me (when you're ready) instead: Be Clothes Minded at aol dot com.


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