Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day

Well...the big day for me.

I am petrified of the "conscious sedation" and really hope I fall asleep - I don't want to hear a THING!

I had my blood test today (some more drama - they couldn't find the nurse and I sat around waiting for 50 minutes!) and tomorrow I have to be there bright and early at 7am!

Which means I have to go sleep - I'm already past the "goal" bedtime I'd set for myself (9:30pm) because like you, Debbie, I need LOTS of sleep :)

So goodnight, everybody, pray for me (and Blythe) tomorrow and for the retrieval of lots of beautiful healthy eggs.

Also paid the last bits of this cycle's money - for the retrieval, ICSI and the embryo transfer on Sunday. It is SCARY how much this is costing - as my husband says, it's only money!

P.S. Christi, I didn't get your email yet - can't wait to read it. It's leigh1010 AT gmail DOT com :)


  1. good luck with your egg retrieval tomorrow. I will be praying for you.

  2. Christi6:21 am

    If you could see me, you would know how very tightly I have my fingers crossed for you. I'm sending every positive vibe that I have your way for lots of wonderful Grade A eggs, to be retreived with a minimal amount of pain. Then, at about 10 am tomorrow, I'm going to shift all my energy to send it to your embryos, hoping for great cell division and growth for the next few days. I truly am wishing the very best for you!

    I have said the same thing to Blythe (you crazy CycleSistas, you!) - please pardon the repeated comment. It's a good thing that I have alot of optimism so I can send equal amounts to both of you, because you both really deserve it! :)

    Definitely let us know how things go. GOOD LUCK!


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