Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm clearly going mad

I've never had a cycle longer than 26 days for the last 3 years or so. I say "or so" because that's when I started noticing all these things.

Anywayyyyy, so as it approached day 26 with still no sign of sore breasts or chocolate cravings, I started getting hopeful.

What if? What if,by some weird reason, I actually got pregnant naturally?

Stranger things have happened!

There's actually someone in our infertility support group who fell pregnant after an IVF on her own. I am incredulous!

So day 26 comes and goes, 27 comes and goes and I think - this must be it. But no, day 28 comes and goes.

Well, last night on day 32 (!) there was some pink on the toilet paper, and the craziness begins again.

Today it's there in full force (literally) so I suppose I need to get my medication sorted out today.


  1. No you are not mad... every time my cycle was a little late I used to think that maybe this time I will get pregnant naturally...never happened for me ...

  2. Anonymous4:07 pm

    I just found your blog about three weeks or so ago.
    I'm on "this" side of infertility.
    38 and minor problems with fertility. Never did IVF because the odds were fairly low ~ and adoption had a 100% success rate. :o)
    I've got two kids now.
    At one point on my infertility journey, I had a woman very unkindly (I thought at the time) tell me, "Oh, just knock off the treatments and go get yourself a BABY!" She had walked the same infertility path and ended up adopting three infants.
    Though I wanted to assault her at the time, I'm so glad she said that to me.
    I can't imagine life without my kiddos~! They are amazing miracles!!
    However, I still am "curious" (I guess that's the right word) for what it would be like to get pregnant and what a bio-kid would look like.
    BUT ~ the "Mommy Hole" is filled!!

    Just popping in to say Hi and to encourage you to set a firm limit if you haven't done so already. That way there is a finish line so you don't get everything woven into the wrong goal. For us, it was three successful rounds of injectibles and insemination. There was a sense of relief when it was over. We knew there was another way to get to our desired destination.
    Hugs to you as you walk this difficult, well worn path!


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