Friday, November 28, 2008

IVF no. 2 - it starts again

I'm behind with blogging but I'll date these posts correctly so they post in the right order.

So the period started on Tuesday night, Wed was day 1 and I went in for the scan on Thursday morning.

Everything normal although I nearly started crying. The nurse said to me, "you look a bit apprehensive" and I said, "yes, the glow from the first cycle is gone". Oh dear.

Went for blood tests - I assume everything was okay since I didn't get any phone calls telling me otherwise.

My pharmacy could only get my medication delivered by Friday so I had to buy my first 5 amps from the clinic. It kills me. Let me show you - a whole box of 10 at the pharmacy costs R1600 and 5 amps at the clinic cost R1200.

I'm on 5 amps of Menopur daily for 5 days - have to go for a scan on day 6 which is when I'll start the Cetrotide.

We totally forgot to take ANY pictures our first time around so this time I had the camera handy. The blurriness is because I'm petrified and shaking. You'd think those 21 days of injections got me used to it - ummm, no!


On the bright side, imagine how much MORE sore it would be if I didn't have the fat roll :)


  1. I believe there's also a difference in absorption when the injection site has more fat. I was first shooting on my thighs, and having horrible side effects to the lupron. Then I had this great inspirational moment of building up the courage to do it on my tummy. I do have a small fat pouch there (much larger now cause I'm so bloated) that was the perfect change I needed. :)
    Wishing you the best for this new cycle.

  2. Good luck good luck good luck!! Keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you all that this is your time!!

  3. Good luck! Hopefully things will work out this time.


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