Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beta #2 17dp3dt

Woke up at the crack of dawn to get to the lab for the blood test. The parking lot was FULL of cars, probably all the scans and people starting their cycles.

(the lab is on the 1st floor and the clinic is on the 2nd - very useful)

I told the nurse that we'd be in church so if they got my voicemail to just leave a message and this is what it said:

"Your levels are rising beautifully just as they should. We'll see you on Tuesday again for your next blood test."

Only actually got the number later - 3900!

Thanks to Nity I can now indulge my inner nerd and play with numbers on :)


  1. Yup! I think you've got more than one in there! My levels at 17dp3dt were 878, yours were 3900! Wow.

    Congrats! When is your u/s? Next week?

  2. Hey- Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving those encouraging words. I'm feeling much more excited as it sinks in that I'm really pregnant. I have my first ultrasound tomorrow and I'm really excited about that. I'm looking forward to the days when my belly actually shows that there's a baby in there and I can feel it move around. But, I'm soaking it in in the meanwhile. It's just so new.

    Probably my biggest struggle (once I got past my initial fears of miscarriage) has been how to stay connected with those who are still struggling with infertility. I felt like I had such a ministry and connection with them before when I was going through it too, and I'm afraid that my pregnancy is like a wall between us because I'm now "one of them!" So, I'm trying to find that balance between sharing my joy and being sensitive to those who are still suffering. If you find that balance, let me know :-)

    I look forward to getting to know you more. Congratulations on your excellent numbers.


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