Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm huge!

I stopped getting on the scale oh, about a week ago, because already I'd gained about 2,5 kg (that's just over 5 pounds) by then and decided to stop torturing myself.

I remember after the first IVF, in that month of waiting, it was SO amazing to have my pants swishing around my thighs again. I gain weight around my bum and thighs first.

How's your weight been affected by IVF?


  1. I started to feel like one of those naked ladies in some renaissance paintings, with very round bottoms and generous love handles. LOL!
    It proved to be mostly water though. Everytime we changed the drugs in the cycle, I'd pee like crazy and lose the almos 5 pounds I gained. But i actually did get some real weight too. I'm not obsessing. most of my pants don't button anymore, so I only wear stretchy ones.

  2. Oh lord, the months that i was on the hormones for the IUI's I would say I put on 5 lbs, but then the two months for IVF I put on another 7-8. I didn't feel a thing like myself!

  3. lol, you're brave to post those belly shots! it looks like mine; pudge that I am trying to hide. I read an interesting comment you left on clio's blog - when r u going public?


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