Wednesday, January 21, 2009

8-week scan

My husband got the time wrong so I was there at 2.30 for a 3.00 appt. Grrr.

Anyway, at 3:00 exactly they called me (miracle) and up I jumped on the bed. I'm loving Dr J's methodical and structured approach because he tells the nurse, "okay, let's start with the baby on the anterior blah blah blah"

At that point I switch off because I'm enraptured, gazing at the beautiful blobs that are my babies.

Again he asked "how are you doing?" and again I said "anxious, but now not because of bleeding but because I have NO SYMPTOMS except I'm exhausted". He said with twins it's normal to have that utter and complete exhaustion.

These babies are seriously kicking my butt - I am already a slave to their every whim.

Anyway, so he says, "well, they're both still there" and then I actually start breathing again. It feels like I'm waiting to exhale all the time.

The twins measured 18,2 and 19.5 mm and their heartbeats were both a good, strong 172.

I swear the sweetest sound ever is the sound of those heartbeats - I literally can't stop smiling when I think of it.

I am amazed at the miracles God has given us.

So here's a picture of "the beautiful strong backbone" (you know how medical people are - they find things beautiful that normal people don't, like during the injections, "ooh, look at that beautiful endometrial lining"...) of one of the twins.

I joked and said "of course, it's my child!"


  1. OF COURSE they have strong backbones -- that's just perfect. So glad you got good news!

  2. thank for the update! you are doing great!

  3. lovely news!
    yes, please remember to exhale! ;)


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