Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Does it ever stop?

3 days of no bleeding, I just start relaxing and today around 12 I go to the loo to find brown discharge (quite a bit).

I had to go out at lunch-time, to an interview (remember this work situation?) but when I got back, I stayed at my desk the entire time until I left work.

I went straight home, took YET ANOTHER pregnancy test (a nice quick positive - in fact, with this one, the test was darker than the control - love it!) and went to watch TV with my laptop.

I got my hubby to get takeaway pasta so I didn't have to cook.

Can't WAIT for the scan tomorrow - one way or another it will be good to know!


  1. I understand when you say it will be good to know, but I still have fingers crossed for positive news. Hang in there.

  2. I know that the bleeding must be scary, but, as I've said before, brown blood is supposed to be okay. It's just old leftover blood, which could be either from not having a period and your body needing to expel it or from a really thick placenta lining which just has too much and is getting rid of some. Either way, nothing would be wrong with the baby. At the scan, they should be able to tell you about the cause of the bleeding and, of course, how your baby is doing. I 100% believe everything will be great, and I'm praying to God that He not only gives you a peace about things, but ensures a perfect pregnancy. Keep us updated.


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