Friday, January 09, 2009

Some more taking it easy & more peeing on a stick

Today I decided that I'm vegging in the hotel room the entire day - the furthest I'm walking is to the loo and that's it!

I read in a Pregnancy and Childbirth book (is anyone else fascinated by childbirth like I am? I swear I turn to that section first in any book I pick up) that I bought yesterday something like this: when miscarriage is threatened, the best thing to do is total bed rest in a cool room.

This morning there was a bit of discharge (brown this time, which I can deal with) and I'm hoping that the rest and cool room (the air con is blasting away) will do its thing and stop the bleeding.

It's our last day of holidays and I also decided that if, when we see the scan next week, everything's alright, I'm not doing a stitch of travelling until the baby's here.

It is too stressful being so far away from the doctors who know my long and eventful story.

Everything seems to be coming right with the discharge - really, I'm sorry about all the information, but I need to remember it all and it's all I can think about.

Today I sent my hubby for some pregnancy tests when he went to get us lunch - now remember this is a small place so he had to search for a little pharmacy but he returned with the treasured sticks!!!

Of course, he'd barely handed me the bag when I was in that loo peeing on that stick and I'm glad to say two lines appeared almost immediately.

Yes, I'm crazy but I need some peace about this.

(thank goodness I got some extra books when we were out yesterday because I've finished all the ones I brought with me)

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