Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Taking it easy

I find this "taking it easy" thing difficult when I'm at home in my natural surroundings, probably because there's always something to do.

Kitchen to clean, clothes to pack away, etc.

But somehow when I'm away I have no problem whatsoever just laying around, reading, eating and watching TV.

It's wonderful... until I remember WHY I'm taking it easy.

I managed an hour and a half reading at the pool this morning, dipping my legs into the pool, until the heat got too much.

Have I mentioned I'm not a fan of the heat?!

Small smudge this morning but nothing the rest of the day, so we're planning to take a drive tomorrow to do the "tourist thing".

It's really really beautiful here and there are lots of things to see within a 150km round trip back to our hotel.

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  1. Wow! You caught me on my new blog before I even announced it to anyone. In order to be more sensitive to those who are still going through infertility and in order to keep a better record of my pregnancy, I decided to split up my two blogs and have one that's more infertility related and one that's all pregnancy related.

    By the way, on your situation, I've always heard that brown spotting is not usually bad. It's usually just old blood that's passing like from when you should've had your period and your body just needs to get rid of it. It's common enough in pregnancy because you're skipping all of your periods. However, you definitely have to watch out for bright red bleeding. By all means, though, listen to your doctor and take it easy. I just hope that bit of info helps you to not worry about it as much.

    And I look forward to hearing about your scan that you had yesterday...


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