Monday, January 26, 2009

Weird dreams and broken sleep

These days I look forward to my weekends so much so I can sleep as much as I want.

I've always loved my sleep but these's like heaven.

(Can I confess something? I've asked God to please give these children that same sleeping thing that I have - my mother says I've loved sleep since the minute I was born)

This weekend I had really terrible sleep.

I'm getting up to pee twice some nights so there's that. And then on Saturday night the mosquitos were buzzing around the room, driving me nuts. I can't stand that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound.

But this is the real reason I had broken sleep. I dreamt that it was time to have the babies (of course, it'll be by C-section since I've already had two laparotomies) and the nurse gave me ONE baby dressed in blue.

I said to her, "where's the other one?" and there was only the one. So I woke with a start.

Of course, neurotic me says to my hubby, "what if it's God preparing me for Tuesday's scan?" He thinks I'm crazy - there's no cramping, no blood, why am I panicking?

But then, just to reassure me, I was queasy for most of Sunday. Of course, you know that symptoms make me very happy because it feels like everything is as it should be.


  1. Leigh, just saying a quick hello here since I'm on vacation and not much accessibility to computers.
    Sweet thing on your husband wanting to hear the heartbeats... and good, good luck on your scan tomorrow. :)

  2. Thanks Hon :)

    Enjoy your holiday!


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