Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where do I start?

There's SOOOOO much I want to talk about - I don't know where to start, so I do nothing.

9-week scan
I went for my usual weekly scan yesterday and when the lovely Dr J asked how I'm doing, I said, "fine. There has been absolutely no drama whatsoever"

He said, "good. that's what we like to hear"

I always take a deep breath when they do the wand thing and wait to see those two sacs on the monitor and yes, they're both still there.

Then I exhale.

Yesterday they measured 25 and 29mm, with heartbeats at 176 and 179.

I said, "isn’t that too high?" and he said, “it’s perfect. Wouldn’t your heartbeat be up if you were this active?” You can see on the scan how they move like little fish.

It is sooo cute.

He measured everything - cervix ("nice and long" at 52mm), etc. and I only realised why later.

Because he's now "released me" to go to a normal obgyn.

Nothing about my female bits has been normal since 2001 Do you know how weird this is???

I could NOT believe it - I thought I'd be seeing them every week until 12 weeks.

But apparently my pregnancy is perfect and there is no need for the close monitoring anymore.


I felt 20% happy and 80% anxious. This is one of the things I have to talk about in detail because it is all so confusing!

I feel so sorry for these poor babies because I say to them, "now be good and show Dr J a nice strong heartbeat" My hubby says, "I hope you're not going to be one of THOSE mothers."

Dear Lord, so do I. The poor children are behaving beautifully for their paranoid mother.


  1. yay for healthy babies and mummy! :)

  2. Everything sounds perfect... Congrats on graduating to a OB :) BTW, I am having girls and getting a little less terrified every day :)

  3. Yeah! Great news.

    It's weird being dismissed, isn't it! Um... hello? Are you sure??

    At least with twins you should have more frequent scans at the OB than with just one!! Something to look forward to, right?

  4. this is too funny, that your children are already meeting their mommy´s expectations even in the womb! :)
    congratulations on graduating to a regular OB.

  5. Looks like we are exactly on the same schedule. Too funny. I go for my first ob exam next week. I'm excited! For both of us!

  6. Congratulations!!!


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