Friday, February 06, 2009

A taste of normality

So we had supper with the pastor I mentioned a few days ago and we'd barely sat down when he said, "so, do you have any news?"

We'd told him that the first IVF failed and he said at the time to not give up which we weren't prepared to do anyway but it was a difference from the "oh maybe it's not meant to be" people. Grrr!

I told him that I'm 10 weeks pregnant, joy and jubilation all around, and even more so when I said that they're twins!

And you know what? I actually felt normal.

He's going to the US in a few weeks' time and wants to get some baby clothes (BABY clothes!) for us because apparently, you guys in the US have better stuff than we do in South Africa!

Anyway, it was a lovely supper (I had grilled trout if you're interested) during which I felt like a normal, happy pregnant woman for the first time.

Hopefully, the more people we tell, the more normal I'll feel!

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  1. wow Leigh, such a great feeling! to feel normal. A happy normal pregnant woman.
    great news! I´m happy you´re doing so well with your babies.
    also, how super kind of the pastor to offer to pick up some clothes for your little ones. Indeed these things are usually very affordable in the US.


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