Monday, March 02, 2009

13 weeks & telling the whole world

There's absolutely no hiding it now. So we had to make sure we told every single one of our friends just in case they heard it from someone else.

I wish I had a nice, neat round bump instead of this flab, but you know what, anything is good because my babies are in there.

We finally told our parents, sisters and DH's uncle last week after the 12-week scan. And then started telling the friends who didn't know about the infertility.

The wife of the guy who sits behind me is pregnant exactly the same as I am - that is actually really freaky so I'm glad these ones will be born earlier. We have the same due date - 2 Sept - and every Wed when I get to work, I say, "Morning B, 13 weeks today" :)

We decided to announce our good news at our next team meeting but then they cancelled it so we decided to simply send an email. Yes, it's less personal but we are all so very rarely in the office all at the same time that it made sense to do it like this.

So last week, we painstakingly drafted an email and I sent it first.

Huge jubilation from those who were in the office. One lady burst into happy tears, came to hug me and nearly made me cry!

Then... about 20 minutes later, he replied to all and said something like..."guys, I also have a confession... " and announced their news.

Some more happiness and laughing...

It was actually great because both of us don't like a big fuss so because it was a joint announcement, it took the pressure off us.

And we did it at the end of the day (my idea so I could dodge all the questions).

Everyone's reaction was great except for the real Big Boss who felt it his duty to scare me with horror stories of how twins would mess up my life, etc, etc. Grrrr.

I just smiled sweetly (well, for me!) and said, "well, we're very happy and we feel that God's given us a double blessing"

P.S. I realise this is late - Wed will be 14 weeks!


  1. That is great! Always good to start sharing the news! Enjoy xxx

  2. Flab? Are you kidding me? You look cute! Can you believe were almost 14 weeks? When is your next doctor's appointment?

    I haven't forgotten about your tag! Thanks!!! I just haven't had the time to sit down and work on it!

  3. Leah, i cannot!!! I'm very proud of myself for not caving and begging the doctor for an intermediate appt :)

  4. Love your bump!!! Reminds me of my happy preg times. Shut the naysayers out – filter the info u get – there are some truths in the negatives, but as a mother, all those truths do is to affirm that when you feel like you’re going insane, you’re not and it is all quite normal!
    Plus, the power of your love for your little ones will ......well u are going to find out soon all for yourself, just what a blessing your 2 will be.........& that will be your experience just for u :0)!

  5. Wow - you're really progressing! Great that you're at the stage of letting people know. Love that you could do so via email and with your officemate.

    Love the pics too! Great to finally catch up!


  6. You look cute!

    Love the way you told folks. Doesn't that make it seem more real? Glad that the officemate being pregnant (or his wife) didn't seem weird.

    Thanks for the tag! Can we count the scrap I did??



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