Friday, March 13, 2009

14 weeks

Well, it's like the babies were just waiting for us to announce them because this belly's just exploded.

These are at 14 weeks (last Wed) and are NOTHING compared to this week's pics!

I don't know if I told you but I'm really lazy in the mornings so I crawl out of bed and let my husband take some pics in my pajamas.

I saw some GORGEOUS pics of my friend's 8-week pregnant twin belly and now I'm feeling bad that I didn't make more of an effort.

I'm just so impatient.

So this particular morning he happened to still be at home when I was ready and I indulged him while he took some pics in "real clothes".


  1. what a beautiful belly!!!!

  2. Tis a very cute belly!!! Love the pics.

  3. beautiful. starting to be able to tell they're really growing in there!!!


  4. Thanks guys, the scary thing is I feel HUGE and there's still 5 months to go!


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