Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Apple pie and custard

After our maternity clothes shopping expedition, we went to a coffee shop where I ordered apple crumble and ice-cream – ate all the ice-cream but only two bites of the apple pie because it wasn’t warmed to my satisfaction (very fussy) and didn’t want to make a fuss because we'd met up with some friends of ours.

The plan was to take it home, make custard and enjoy it as God intended apple pie to be enjoyed.

Well, last night I couldn’t find the apple pie ANYwhere so I left D a note on the kettle “where is my apple pie? Did you bring it in from the car?”

Now through all his morning getting ready routine, I slept like a baby, but the minute he said, “I checked the car and the apple pie isn’t there” I jumped awake.

What does that tell you about the importance of food in my life???


The good news is I found it on a wicker set of drawers I have just inside my front door.


  1. That cracks me up - in a wicker set of drawers?!? How on earth did it get in there.... pregnancy brain, huh?

  2. ON a wicker set of drawers, not IN :)

    I do have a bit of preggy brain, but I'm not that bad!

  3. Glad you found the apple pie -- whew! :) I hear you re not wanting it when it's not nice and warm. We share that priority!

  4. OMG-now I'm craving apple pie and ice cream! But totally cracked up where the pie was finally found! LOL!!


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