Thursday, March 19, 2009


Edited to add scan pics

On Tuesday evening I fell down the stairs while leaving work.

I was looking where I was going as I normally do and the next thing I knew I was falling.

But something amazing happened.

I grabbed onto the railing with all my might (not much since I have very little upper body strength) so while my left leg still swung into the railing and I still hurt myself, it was 20% of what it could be.

This is amazing because normally I'm useless with my arms and this time they actually worked and quickly enough.

My leg is a bit bruised (not much) but no bleeding or pain in the baby area.

Fortunately, I had my scheduled appt yesterday and the babies are both fine.

In fact, more than fine.

They are already big babies. Can’t blame them because I always said I want big babies... (girls, be careful what you wish for :))

The one was 172g and the other 163g, and my colleague’s wife who’s also 16 weeks pregnant has a baby who is 130g (normal weight).

He says they’ll grow as singleton babies until 22 – 24 weeks, and then slow down a bit.

That means I’m going to be as big as a HOUSE!

Now the genders...

The one is definitely a boy (twin B) and the other ...we’re not 100% sure but it could be a girl. Twin A would not show us the goods so we’ll have another look next time (15 April).


  1. I feel down the stairs in our home when i was as far along as you. Scared me to death. I was in immediate tears. I bruised my bum and under my arms were I caught myself on the railing. But, all was fine with the babies. They probably didn't feel I thing! :)

    So, looks like you are in my boat! 1 boy and a girl? :) Baby B didn't show her goods until week 22 for us. A bit shy :) I know you look forward to being further along. I am now 30 weeks tomorrow with my twins and feeling so good (apart from mild backache) and don't babies were growing quickly too. Still doing fine but I have a tight, neat little bump. So you might not be as big as a house :)

    Bump rubs to you! :)
    Amanda aka London Southern belle

  2. glad you didn't hurt yourself in your fall. be careful!!

    and congrats on finding out weights and possible genders!! It must be so exciting : )


  3. A girl and a boy would be awesome. Can't wait until you know for sure. And I'm glad you didn't get too hurt falling down the stairs. Sounds like you had some angels helping you out :-)

  4. Glad to hear you did not get too hurt falling down the stairs and the babies are fine. Yay for big babies :)

  5. Amanda, thanks so much for your comment.

    I may just go to another doctor to see if the (what I think is a) girl shows us her bits :) I don't know if I can wait 4 weeks again!

    Although I'm planning a green room so I can get started on that....

    How are you doing?


    Guess what? My Babycentre email this week said "Your growing uterus has shifted your centre of gravity and you've probably been feeling a bit off-kilter. Be careful and wear low-heeled shoes"

    Since then, I've held onto the railing and walked really slow, like a granny :)

  6. that was scary! I'm glad to see that your reflexes are sharper... nature is so fantastic in the ways it surprises us with new aptitudes when needed. :)
    so cute that you already get to see gender... Let's wait for the mysterious one to reveal him/herself next time, then. ;)


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