Sunday, March 22, 2009

I cracked

I have been soooo determined to not buy any maternity clothes until the end of this month.


I really don't know - maybe because then I'd be half way through?

Also, remember I still don't feel 100% pregnant until I see the pictures - scary!

However, when I put on my comfortable casual pants and had to wear a belly band because the two buttons on the top would not close, I thought, "that's it". I actually can't do this - I'm uncomfortable.

So off we went to the mall, first to Woolworths where I selected jeans and a black pair of pants.

Once I fitted on those maternity jeans, I was like "where have you been my whole life?"

They are SOOOOO comfortable" only thing is I look REALLY, really pregnant.

So got both of those and then went to Edgars where I got another pair of black pants (nobody had any other colours) and a maternity top.

My word! It goes against everything I'm feeling to actually SHOP for pregnant clothes.

And this is the weird thing - in both stores, the fitting rooms were literally on the other side of the floor.

I told both sales assistants, "how can you put the maternity section so far away from the fitting rooms? It's crazy. Pregnant women pee all the time and get tired. I just don't get it"

Of course they both gave me that weird half-smile like I'm crazy.

But really, does nobody think???

So there we go - maternity jeans.

I wore them to work on Friday and of course, everyone was "oh my word, you're HUGE". Gee thanks.

I just say, "they're big babies"

Now let me take my HUGE self off to bed and rest these big babies :)


  1. I caved at 8 weeks and it was the best thing I ever did. Not only did I not have to worry about my pants digging into my belly anymore, I also did enjoy how it emphasized my baby bump!

  2. Good for you -- embrace it!!!

  3. Congrats on the big babies! Hopefully they'll sleep through the night sooner when they get here...

    So I tried to go shopping for maternity pants this weekend. I don't need them yet, but I thought maybe I should have a pair when I feel super uncomfortable and I totally freaked out. I couldn't do it. I couldn't fathem looking at them or trying them on. It was weird. My friend has some clothes that I'm going to borrow so I justified it that way, but it is weird to go look at them. Glad to hear they're comfy though - something to look forward to!!

  4. Nity, I understand completely. I'd tried a few weeks ago, at 12 weeks, and I couldn't do it either.

  5. My twins are #4 & #5 I needed maternity clothes pretty quick, I'm jealous!

    When you get the urge to shop for twin stuff visit my blog for product reviews and ideas. Good luck on your little ones!

    Mine are 9 months now. Lots of fun!


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