Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I had a moment at Preggi Bellies

16 weeks

Preggi Bellies are exercise classes for pregnant women.

They are trained physios so they make sure you and the baby (or babies) don’t get hurt while exercising.

I'm usually (my non-pregnant self) very active - not a total gym bunny, but a twice a week gym person nevertheless, always take stairs, not lazy to walk, etc.

So not being active even though for a good reason has not felt like me.

When I asked my doctor about exercise (because my clinic banned me from anything since I had that tendency to bleed early on), he said rather go to Preggy Bellies than a normal exercise class.

I’ve had 4 classes and am loving it!

It is HECTIC (I thought it would be all zen and stretching, etc. Ha!) but afterwards you have that lovely, nice tired feeling. And of course you feel stronger.

The main thing is that there are girls in the class who are in that last month (36 weeks and later) who are MOBILE and who are looking FABULOUS!

I'm about results and there they are - right in front of my eyes!

When I saw the doctor for the 16-week scan, I saw in my file that they sent him a letter to tell him I’ve joined – I was very impressed. They did ask on the form who the doctor was but I thought it’s just in case something happens while at the class.

Anyway, about my "moment"...

I was bouncing away on the ball doing my thing and I suddenly realised, "I'm at an exercise class for pregnant women. I am actually pregnant."

I still canNOT believe it.

Well, I got all teary-eyed and soft thinking about how grateful I am to be here. I certainly don't take any of this for granted.

Do you currently exercise? (pregnant or not) What do you like to do?

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