Wednesday, April 01, 2009

18 weeks and I'm literally exploding out of my clothes

I've been quiet because I've been so hectic at work with a product that launches tomorrow.

I've worked really well for three days straight, am feeling slightly more relaxed so am rewarding myself by writing a quick blog!

Well yesterday I wore my standard black pants that I could still fit into and a black shirt with buttons down the front. Everything looked quite fine at home.

During the day the babies must have decided that it's time to suddenly grow.

I swear around lunch time I suddenly got very uncomfortable so I undid the last two buttons of my shirt (I was working at my desk so nobody saw anything) and then couldn't do them back up.

No matter how much I pulled in my tummy, that shirt would not close enough for me to button up.

So I took a picture with my cell phone because I knew no-one would believe me.

Of course last night was my Preggi Bellies class which is a great time to compare belly size and so on with the other ladies.

I still don't feel huge but when I look in the mirror, well...that's another story.

I've only gained 4kg (X2.2 for pounds) which is fine for a singleton let alone a twin pregnancy according to "What to expect" but still everyone else looks so small!

books on my nightstand

We're still taking pics - I just have to download from the other camera. Will show you soon.


  1. AH! So glad you took a picture for "proof" -- I think you look GREAT!

  2. That was funny that you had to show the proof! No worries on the weight gain. Dr. Luke (the multiples nutrition guru) suggests 20 lbs by 20 weeks, so that babies born early are as healthy as they can possibly be.

    I think you look great and am sure your preggi belly will continue to look fabulous!!

  3. I remembered this, but when you posted on Mo's blog I just had to go back and check. Isn't it funny that that feels like so long ago? xoxo


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