Sunday, April 26, 2009

2nd opinions

Edited because... I am an idiot and forgot to edit this portion of an email to a friend, delayed the date and promptly forgot about it!

Let's call it preggy brain, shall we? :)

Yes, so we decided to get a second opinion because of the differing babies' weights.

When we went in for our 20-week scan, the babies were 285 and 355g.

The doctor was very, very laid back about that, even with the one baby being so much bigger than the other (24,5% bigger). Normally, I wouldn't have been worried at all BUT (and this is a big BUT) he'd told us before that they don’t want twins’ weights different by more than 25%.

I don’t think anything is wrong because the babies are both fine (even the slightly smaller one) and their organs, etc. all measure perfectly BUT still… it has been a long road to get here and I don't want to assume anything.

That's reason number one.

Now onto reason number two.

I do realise I'm more high maintenance than the women he normally deals with because of the infertility. I even warned him at our first appointment :)

So because he's used to normal women it could be just us but I'm used to more micromanaging... normally I don't like this, but with this pregnancy I want to be managed carefully like the infertility clinic did.

Actually, there's another reason.

My husband came home and asked what I thought about the appt. Weird. So he said it seems as if the doc is just brushing over our concerns and "everything is fine".

Everything could well be fine and this could just be the way of "normal" docs so we decided to phone around and find someone who could see us quickly to set our minds at ease.

That appt is set for 7 May at another hospital - will cost us three times the current consultation fee but it is ALL worth it for my peace of mind.



  1. Ok, so what's this about? You went to see another doctor because one baby is bigger than the other? Is everything ok? I'm confused!

  2. I am an idiot! I sometimes put bits of emails to friends in draft form in blogger as a basis to elaborate on later and I forgot to edit this properly before I flew to Ireland.

    Will edit now!


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