Monday, April 06, 2009

And the moral of the story is...

Last week was really hectic because we finally launched a new product that we'd been working on for over a year.

Huge excitement especially for an ESTJ like me who likes to Get Things Done.

Well, said product launch was on Thursday evening and I was so busy schmoozing brokers, press, suppliers, etc. (incidentally, this is my favourite part of the evening - I always feel I can do better at the presentations so it's hard for me to just focus - I do talks for my business part-time so I am experienced) that I didn't eat properly.

I ate two small pieces of chicken and two little desserts at 6pm. That's it.

When I got home I wasn't hungry and didn't bother eating.

The next day I got to work a little later and only had my breakfast at 10:00am. That's about 16 hours without food.

Remember I felt fine. Or so I thought.

Well I had a meeting at 10 am (a post-mortem of the previous evening's events) and about 20 minutes into the meeting, I started feeling really hot.

At first I thought it was the air con or lack of it. Which now I think about it is weird because I'm actually always cold.

Then my head started feeling all lightheaded and I got these pains on the right side. And nauseous!

I managed to get through until about 11 and then I excused myself to go to the loo. Did my business, splashed face, nothing made me feel better.

The meeting ended at about 11:20 and I stumbled to my desk and tried to Google to find out what was wrong with me.

Now a big ALARM BELL for me was I couldn't even be bothered to look at the Internet and read up about what could be wrong.

I emailed my husband who told me to phone the doctor immediately which I did. She (receptionist) then said to get my blood pressure tested and phone her right back.

Fortunately we have a nurse on the premises so off I went to her and she tested everything - blood pressure (90/60), blood sugar (3.9) and urine (all fine).

Since my BP and blood sugar were low, she said to go eat (by this time it was lunch time) something salty and if I wasn't better, to phone the doc again.

I ate some salted popcorn and some fruit (all I could stomach) and phoned the doctor back, reported the low BP and she said the same thing (eat and go home to rest - you should be fine in a few hours. If not, page him).

I emailed D and said "come fetch me and take me home" because I didn’t even feel well enough to drive myself home.

Once I got home, I ate some salticrax with cheese, drank lots of water and rested. I felt better almost immediately (it was quite amazing - I still can't believe how quickly our bodies adapt) but stayed in bed and had a sleep anyway.

And I've been totally fine ever since.

That was SOOOOOOOOO scary and something I do NOT wish to repeat in a hurry.

The moral of the story: eat even if you don’t feel hungry!


  1. I'm glad everything was alright! I actually never have a problem remembering to eat. =)

  2. Leah, normally I don't too. That's why I thought the two pieces of chicken would be okay...apparently not :)

  3. Hey- in response to your question, I think that it is pretty standard in the US, when you are only seeing an OB-GYN, to have just one ultrasound your entire pregnancy. You do have more if you are seeing an RE when you get pregnant, and the only reason I had one at 6 weeks is because I had been on fertility medication, so they wanted to make sure that it was a viable pregnancy and check to see how many babies there were.

    Some doctors also do an ultrasound at 12 weeks when they do the NT scan, but that's not standard at every office (and mine didn't). Other than that, you don't typically get any more ultrasounds unless they believe something is wrong and they are checking on the baby.

    I do, though, get to hear the baby's heartbeat on a doppler every check up I have, and they also test my urine levels to make sure I'm not getting any infections or show any signs of gestational diabetes. And, they weigh me and answer any questions I have. I just don't see the baby on an ultrasound unless these things indicated that something might be wrong.

    Aside from all of that, I'm sure your episode must've been scary- to not know why you felt so faint and sick. Make sure you take care of yourself (even if you don't feel hungry as you said). Always remember that your body is working for THREE! I'm glad everything turned out well, though.

    And, do I remember right that you are having a boy and a girl? Or was that just the idea right now and you aren't quite sure yet?

  4. I think it'd be awesome to see my baby every time, especially now that he's so big and moves around so much, but I'm not worried about him at all, so I don't feel a need to push for an extra ultrasound. I know that if I was worried about bleeding or something, the doctor would gladly give me another one, but they probably wouldn't initiate one unless it was for that reason.

    Speaking of insurance payments, I do know that they set me up on a standard payment plan which included all basic prenatal needs (all fo the blood tests, urine tests, doctor's appointments, and 1 ultrasound). I pay a certain amount every month to cover these costs and have them paid in full by the time the baby is born. At the same time, though, they also bill my insurance company and they will pay a portion of the same bill. For me, I pay $139 a month, but the insurance company may pay $30 one month or $100 the next month (depending on what I had done, I suppose). Any amount I pay OVER what the insurance company pays goes into an extra account and is saved up for me. If I had an emergency and needed another ultrasound, for example, the money that I had paid over will cover that expense. I think that if I don't end up ever using all of it, I will get it back in the end (which will just be applied to our hospital delivery bill).

    I don't know how standard this is. It may just be my insurance company and my doctor's office. Interesting to see the different methods of practice, though, especially around the world!

  5. YIKES! Please take care of yourself, hun!


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