Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Baby movements & 19 weeks

I totally forgot to tell you that I've been feeling baby movements.

I felt the one baby move at 15 weeks 2 days and the other one the next day. Almost like the one got jealous of my excitement :)

That is also the exact same time I stopped worrying about them so much.

Those two incidents may or may not be related.

I am SOOO joking - of course they're related!

Of course, the big belly helps too. It's hard to think there's something wrong when I'm THIS huge.

I console myself by reading What to Expect because I weigh exactly what I should for a singleton pregnancy.

I can't really explain what it feels like because the two of them feel different - the one at the bottom (Twin A) feels more insistent and the other one (Twin B) is a bit more laidback, almost like he's swimming!

I've noticed that they like it when I'm very still, like now at the computer, or when I go to bed and read at night. The one baby (Twin B) gets a fright when I have an ice-cold glass of orange juice in the mornings and has a nice little wiggle.

So then I said to D later that day, "oh, let's make him move again" but he was wise to my tricks and wouldn't move :) He relaxed after a few days though and now moves when I drink cold liquids again.

I like to picture them in there talking about us or pleasing us by moving... yes, it's weird but I do have an active imagination and how else am I supposed to amuse myself while they're still in there?

We were in bed on the weekend... and afterwards, they were both very still, even Twin A who likes moving when I'm in bed. I said they're probably saying, "what was THAT?"



  1. That's awesome. I think I feel the little one move, but I'm not sure. I can imagine you'll figure out those neat little personalities with their movements!!

  2. You are lucky! I've been waiting and I am pretty sure I felt her move last night for the first time. I was lying in bed, feeling anxious and I begged God to let me feel her. All of a sudden I felt this little tap..tap.....tap. Then little bursty feelings then tap tap again. I was like, WOAH! So, of course I've been willing her to move again since last night. I couldn't fall asleep after that! I was waiting and waiting for more but didn't feel anything else. But let me tell you, I slept better last night that I have in weeks!

  3. Your stories make me laugh (especially when you talk about going to the "loo" and "phoning" your husband to "fetch" you like you did in your last blog. This one was amusing apart from all accents or dialects.

    The very last thing you were talking about made me smile, but I think I had the opposite reaction myself. For us, the other day, afterwards, I felt this intense jab in my stomach. I have not felt our baby move very strongly. It's just small tickles across my tummy still. This was like he kicked me really hard and told me to knock it off! I'm not sure if it was really the baby or a stomach spasm, but it made me stop in my tracks and go, "Whoa!"

  4. Oooh, Leah, that's so exciting. I love those God stories. I can believe you slept like a log that night.

    Nity, I'm sure that IS the little baby you're feeling.

    Mandy, I'm glad you're laughing. Now what do you say for "phone" and "fetch"? LOL

    Your baby's definitely saying "hey, will you two stop THAT?" Too funny!

    of course my hubby thinks I'm crazy when I imagine all these scenarios....

  5. Leigh... you totally cracked me up with the ending of your post. I just imagine the twins totally still, afraid to make a move, and wondering what in the world just went on!!!! :D
    how lovely that you can feel them both move separately... I never thought of that.


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