Sunday, April 19, 2009

If this is 5% then what's 100%?

20 weeks

At our appointment on Wednesday, I asked the doctor why it was that the one baby (the girl) is so active and yet I don't feel the boy that much.

The strange thing is that on the scans, the boy is always much more active. He flipped around twice during one appointment and the girl turned once - they're like little fish.

He told me that at this stage, you only feel 5 - 10% of the babies' movements.


Because sometimes they really go at it, exercising in there and having fun.

In fact, this morning I woke because they were moving about so much which was cool but really weird if you know my sleeping patterns because I sleep like a log and NOTHING wakes me until I'm ready.

I've figured out how to make them both move at night.

I place my hands parallel to my belly button, once on each baby, and just lie very still. I think they like the warmth because soon afterwards, I start feeling the movements. It's so lovely but more importantly, reassuring, because I know that finally things are going well down there.

p.s Last Sunday, I saw my tummy move - I think that was the boy. Have only seen it move once more since then. And my DH still hasn't felt them move. I want him to be the first because I would hate for some arbitrary person to touch me and have one of the babies move.


  1. Looking good! 20 Weeks -- it's going so fast (easy for me to say, right?!).

  2. Oh you are looking great! (Need to dig out my pics to try and remember how I looked!) The one thing that I do miss about being pregnant is that great feeling of movement. Congratulations.

  3. You look very cute! Congrats on 1 boy and 1 girl. That's so awesome.

  4. Before I read all of the way through your blog, I thought you were going to say that you were only 5-10% as big as you are going to be! My thought was, "Good Lord!" Lol. I think it's great, though, that you feel your babies so actively. I still only feel little tickles across my belly. I'm waiting to start feeling those kicks! And I can't wait to see my tummy move and, especially, to have my husband feel it.

    I don't know if you know how much joy it brings me to rejoice with you in your pregnancy. I didn't know you long before you found out you were pregnant, but it just brings me so much delight to celebrate with someone else who has success after infertility. I LOVE seeing your pictures and hearing about how you are doing. And, especially, because you are having twins, I get to live vicariously through you! :-)

  5. You look great! You sure there's only 2 in there? =)

    I thought once I started feeling my baby move that my nerves would calm down a bit. But, since I don't feel her on a regular basis, I find myself worrying about why she isn't moving! I tell ya! Is nothing about pregnancy easy?

    I tried the hand thing today and felt nothing. Then I pressed and poked and she started poking back! I guess she didn't like that too much. She seems more active in the evenings too. I can't wait for this 9 months to be up so I have something else to worry about!!

    Happy 21 weeks to us!!


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