Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Statistically speaking

Speaking of stats, I understand them intellectually, really I do.

I get that the success rates of IVF are 33% or whatever.

But still it's so hard when I hear of IVFs not working, whether it's the person's first, second or fourth.

My one friend is going through her second IVF right now and is in the middle of the 2ww. Her first one was two years ago.

Yes, you read that right. Years ago.

They just about got it all together to give it a go and on Sunday morning she texts me telling me she has bad period and back pain.

Oh I do hope it's implantation pains, like the ones I had, because she said to me she's numb.

And I know that feeling oh too well.


  1. Sorry this isn't related to your post, but I'd love for you to read one of my most recent blogs (A Shout-Out) and comment on it. You'll see why when you get there. Thanks!

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