Sunday, May 10, 2009

21 weeks pics - yes, I'm waaay behind

This is the day we voted in our general elections.

My sister, her husband and son had come to visit and we squeezed in this photo shoot just before bedtime.

We took the family pics after my 21-week shots and my sister's two-year-old lifted his top because I'd done so - toooo cute!

If you're into Mother's Day, Happy Mother's Day - I still feel really weird about it and I'm not sure I'll feel better next year when I have live babies... but there you go, that's my issue!


  1. Glad you had a good trip - even if it was a little crazy at times...

    Your 21 pics look SO different from my mine! You have this very cute pregnant tummy. :o)

    I am so with you on the M day. I get a little freaked out when people say something to me - I worry they're going to jink something. How bad is that? Ugh.

    Ok we need the next pictures please!!


  2. Love the pics! :) I have missed TWO weekly pictures!! I'm so upset about it, but hopefully can jump right back in tomorrow!

    Glad you had a nice time w/ the family!

  3. You look great! Cutest bump ever!! We are almost 24 weeks!! Yay!!


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