Wednesday, May 20, 2009

24-week scan & doctor's visit

Thank goodness I'm now only one week behind with posting pics. Although I can't find our 23-week pics on the camera and yet I'm nearly 100% sure we took some...

Anyway, back to the appt.

Of course I was really excited to get to the doc because of the bleeding just to make sure that both babies were okay. They had been moving a lot so I didn't think something was wrong but you never know - on this infertility/ pregnancy journey, I'm well aware that things can change in a heartbeat.

The most exciting news is that my baby girl has caught up to her brother! She weighs 647g and he weighs 649g.

Also, the boy turned around totally and is also head down like his sister.

I have a theory about the bleeding.

I've been telling the girl to grow nicely, etc. so I think she told him, "listen, move it, I need more space to spread out" so he did this whole turning around thing quickly (definitely in 6 days because at the second opinion, he was still head up), she had space and now she's all caught up.

Isn't that exciting?

Also, my cervix is measuring 3.56cm (they don't want it below 1.5cm) so that is all good.

He is also happy with my weight and said he'd tell me if I need to stop with the apple danishes (I joked when I got on the scale that I wondered if all the apple danishes I'd had in Ireland would show up).

About 1kg was holiday weight because since I've been back I haven't gained anymore weight with some fluctuations down and then up.

Oh, now we're even less sure that the one's a girl "I wouldn't put any money on it" but I am still sure, for what my opinion's worth.

I finally got to pin him down as to when I should stop working. Hehehehe

And he said at 32 weeks. Because by that stage, I'll have 4kg of baby inside and a singleton mother would have delivered at that point. BUT these two will not have complete lung function until 36 weeks so we've got to slow down. Which I am very happy to do.

Only 7 weeks left at the office!

I need to write more about my intentions around maternity leave and all that....

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  1. I hope all is well!!! Looking forward to seeing what craziness is going on now. Holy cow!


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